Sarah completed her 4-year Feldenkrais® Practitioner training in Victoria, Canada, in 2007, studying with Jeff Haller, Alice Friedman, Katrin Smithback, Jerry Karzen, and Alan Questel. Since then, she has done several Advanced trainings in the method. She has taught the Feldenkrais® Method at the prestigious Stratford Festival of Canada, and has taught Feldenkrais® and acting technique to students of both the Vancouver Academy of Music and the University of British Columbia’s Opera Division. She has given many workshops in ‘Feldenkrais® for Singers’ at Western University’s Faculty of Music, and has taught courses in singing, speech, movement, and acting at Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts Department in London, Canada.  Her specializations with the Feldenkrais® Method include actors, singers, and instrumentalists. She lives just outside of Frankfurt, Germany, in Kahl am Main, and teaches Feldenkrais® both privately and in groups. Sarah has recently been certified as a Laughter Yoga teacher, as well, which she teaches to groups of all ages.

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The aim is a body that is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength but increased consciousness of how it works.
— Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

What is the Feldenkrais Method®?

The Feldenkrais (FELL-den-krice) Method® is an educational system that develops a functional awareness of the self in the environment, utilizing the fact that the body is the primary vehicle for learning.

It is taught in two ways:

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In group classes called Awareness Through Movement®, you will be led through a sequence of gentle movements, with the intention of learning how your most basic functions are organized. These group lessons attempt to make people aware of their habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities, and to expand options for new ways of moving while increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency. There are hundreds of lessons, suitable for all levels of movement ability.

Functional Integration® is a one-on-one, hands-on form of kinesthetic communication, which does not use any invasive or forceful procedure. With respect for the student’s abilities, qualities, and integrity, the practitioner creates an environment in which the student can learn comfortably. The Feldenkrais® practitioner communicates to the student how he/she organizes his/her body and hints, through gentle touch and movement, how to move in expanded functional motor patterns. Each lesson is tailored to the unique configuration of that person, and related to a specific desire, intention, or need.

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Feldenkrais® work is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.
— Margaret Mead
…the tendonitis that had plagued me for years disappeared after several months of weekly ATM (group Feldenkrais®) classes…I can play as long as I like with no pain or tension.
— Miriam Levenson, cellist


Photo by Henry Chen

Photo by Henry Chen

Attending Sarah’s classes once a week and practicing the exercises on my own time has made a tremendous difference in my overall sense of well-being, and especially in my piano playing. Already after the first lesson, I felt a new sense of alignment in my body, and the chronic pain in my shoulders and arms began to decrease. Having struggled with pain for years, I finally feel free to express myself as I wish on the instrument.
— Justyna Szajna, pianist, M.Mus.
For years I have unknowingly used my body in inefficient ways on stage, but with Sarah ‘s help, I was able to unlock a lot of my potential as an actress and a singer. Even in those performances I did right after the training, I had much more confidence in my movements and my acting. I really felt in control of my body. I can’t thank Sarah enough for all of her help.
— Karen Santos, soprano
Sarah’s Feldenkrais classes helped me to find an increased awareness and openness in my body. As a singer, this increased awareness from my head to my toes was a thrilling feeling. …I was able to break away from my habitual acting habits and express a more sincere character. It is truly amazing how after one lesson with Sarah your body can feel so free and expansive.
— Jen Cyr, soprano, D.M.A.